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Emeishan Tales (Books 7-12 of 12)
Mount Emeishan, located in Sichuan province, 140 km from Chengdu, is one of the four sacred Buddhist mountains in China. The peak of the mountain is the highest of the four mountains most revered by Buddhists.
Translated from the Chinese language, the name of the mountain “emei” (峨眉) means “beautiful”, “lovely”, and there is more than one legend associated with this name.

Title: 《峨眉山 民间 故事》 – Tales of Emeishan
Publisher: 四川 人民出 版 – Sichuan People’s Publishing House
Year of issue: 1981
List of books:

第七册 《仙姑弹琴》
第八册 《锡杖泉》
第九册 《九老洞》
第十册 《遇仙寺》
第十一册 《石笋峰》
第十二册 《金顶佛光》

第七册 《仙姑弹琴》(7).pdf

第八册 《锡杖泉》(8).pdf

第九册 《九老洞》(9).pdf

第十册 《遇仙寺》(10).pdf

第十一册 《石笋峰》(11).pdf

第十二册 《金顶佛光》(12).pdf

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