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陈绂、张和生 标准汉语 中级下册 Chen Fu, Zhang Hesheng. Standard Chinese. Intermediate Part III

北京师范大学出版社,2007 — 209页 — ISBN 9787303082568


The textbook of standard Chinese language is one of the main textbooks of higher educational institutions of the Middle Kingdom for foreign students.
Lesson 49 Divorce
Lesson 50 Tour to Taishan
Lesson 51 Dumplings
Lesson 52 Presentation Rule
Lesson 53 Confucius
Lesson 54 Lie down in front of the teacher’s stick.
Lesson 55 Protecting the environment
Lesson 56 The benefits of the Chinese after the reception of the Olympic Games
Lesson 57 Traditional Chinese Medicine
Lesson 58 Ancient buildings and modern architecture in Beijing
Lesson 59 New Beijing, the Great Olympics
Lesson 60 Internet and Education



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