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The site provides all the training material for free and freely available. The basics of learning Chinese. You will learn about the five main characteristics of the Chinese language. These five basic elements include Chinese grammar, pinyin, symbols, tones, and basic structures.

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Learn Chinese for free on the website. Knowledge of Chinese is essential in today's global business environment. Start with the basics of the Chinese language for everyday communication, and then focus on important phrases and communication skills for doing business in China or studying at the university.

It is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Planning trips to China and visiting Chinese language groups, working with a Chinese team or studying in China, mainly learning languages, will be useful and important for your daily activities.

Modern China is becoming increasingly important in the global political, financial and economic spheres. Almost every major organization does business with China, so if you can learn Chinese, you can become a very valuable employee. Moreover, learning a language will give you the opportunity to speak with more than 1 billion people on the planet. Free material for learning Chinese on the site will help you start with the basics of written and spoken Chinese.